Flour and grain
Flour and grain

Dogs love eating, even people food. They can almost eat anything but they can actually get sick with some food ingredients. One of the usual culprits is grain as in wheat, corn, barley, or even rice. Not all of these can cause allergic or sensitivity issues in fur balls, depending on the breed and tolerance.

In the past, dogs didn’t actually need grains in their diet so there is a huge tendency to believe that they still not need them in their modern diet. Still, grains in either wet or dry food of dogs can provide all the energy that your dog needs so much for their daily activities. The best thing to do is identify which grains may give your dog digestive troubles and which can be a good addition in their diets.

3 grains your dog food should be free from

  1. One of the usual active ingredients in dog foods is wheat. Its carb content can help dogs keep satisfied and energetic all the time which is why it is a favorite add-on to dog foods. The problem is that it is so heavy for dogs’ digestive systems which is why it causes digestive troubles almost all the time.
  2. Second in causing digestive problems to dogs is corn. Like wheat, this grain can provide perfect energy and satisfaction to dogs due to its carbo rich content. This same reason is also the reason why it can create health issues in your dog, though.

It is not yet tested if moderation can help lessen the digestive problem that corn can cause but the expert advice of your veterinarian can actually help in this situation. Simply get advice on the amount or tolerance of your dog to ensure you are not harming him.

  1. Like wheat and corn, barley is another healthy carbohydrate that should be able to provide the necessary energy and satisfaction to dogs – until it causes digestive problems. Its effect can actually be positive with some dogs so make sure you ask the veterinarian of your dog about this. Barley can actually help on the right dog.

Soy as another digestive problem culprit

Grains are not the only ingredient or food that can actually cause digestive problems. Soy can also be another source of your dogs food sensitivities or digestive issues. This nutritional food is actually a good ingredient for dog foods because it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. The problem is that, like grains that provide good nutrition to dogs, soy can also cause digestive issues. Moderation or stirring clear from it will definitely guarantee better dog health.

For best results in feeding your dog, it is important to get the expert advice of your trusted veterinarian. You can also use replacements or substitutes for these highly nutritional ingredients. Just make sure that your dog’s digestive system can tolerate your choices. The list is long, including carrots, chickpeas, green peas, rice, sweet potatoes, and white potatoes. Of all these, rice is the most tolerable across dog breeds. For other nutritional substitutes for grains, you can ask your trusted vet for complete recommendations.



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