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All dogs deserve a second chance at life. We are no strangers to stories about dogs who are abused by their owners and while this is sad, it is a reality. But even then, these abused dogs are still valuable and should be given a chance to show their brighter side.

As they are known to be man’s significant companions, dogs deserve to be treated correctly. With their loyalty to humans, we could not believe that there are people who can stomach maltreating them.

It is, however, a challenge for those dog lovers and decent human beings to give these pooches a safer world. This five-year-old pooch is no stranger to the unfortunate experience of being an animal.

Named Maggie, the dog survived 17 gunshots from her previous owner. The reason behind why she got shot remains unknown to this day. Although she experienced an unfortunate fate at the hands of her last owner, Maggie never lost her faith in humanity.

Her story of survival is now making rounds online. Many people are lauding her for her tenacity amid her dark past. As a result of incurring 17 gunshots, the dog had broken jaws, and one of her ears was cut off. Her eyes were also damaged because of the incident.

For people who love dogs, this one is a tragic undertaking. Add to this is that Maggie was pregnant when the shooting happened. You would think that if someone experiences this kind of ordeal, that person will no longer survive. But Maggie did.

While she experienced the cruelty of a human, Maggie is brimming with love and compassion. She now serves as a therapy dog, where she extends help to humans. This was made possible when her current owner, Kasey, adopted her.

Kasey did everything under her power to bring back the dog’s trust to humans. With her favorable treatment towards the pooch, Maggie was soon back on track. For Kasey, the pooch is loving and jolly despite her condition.

As a therapy dog, Maggie often visits hospitals and schools where she shares happiness with other people. She is best known for making sick people at the hospitals happy. According to Kasey, they will continue with this advocacy since the dog also enjoys it.


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