Poncho does CPR
Poncho does CPR

CPR or CardioPulmonary Resuscitation is used in emergencies to restore circulation and breathing.  CPR requires performing chest compression and sometimes (depending on the certification) assisted breathing for unconscious victims.  It’s a fairly involved technique that requires specialized training so that the technique is applied properly.  Many lives have been saved through its proper use.

While CPR is typically performed by humans on humans, occasionally you’ll read about a story where an emergency responder or pet owner applies the technique on a unconscious animal friend.  Every once in awhile you might even read about a dog calling 911 emergency services to save their owner.

Amazingly, one police dog took this to the next level.  Police dog, Poncho, didn’t just bark to attract attention or somehow call emergency services when he saw a fellow officer fall to the ground.  Poncho sprang into action an applied his training for dealing with an unresponsive victim.

Canine Poncho Resuscitation

Poncho is a member of the Spanish police force in Madrid.  He’s been trained to know what to do when he sees someone needing help.  He even knows how to do CPR!

Watch as a fellow human officer helps Poncho demonstrate his skills.  In this instance, the office acts like everything is normal and then succumbs to the heat of a Spanish afternoon. Poncho rushes out and when he notices he is unresponsive, amazingly begins to apply CPR.

Dogs have some amazing abilities and are often applauded for their heroism. It seems like they continue to surprise us with their impressive talents.  A study evaluating canine intelligence concluded that dogs are as intelligent as a 2-year-old child.  Considering what 2-year-olds can do, we shouldn’t be surprised by what other tricks dogs have up their sleeves or paws.

Know any amazing dog stories?  Feel free to comment below!

Source: Fox News via YouTube


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