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A cancer patient from Atlanta is seeking the help of people who might have seen his Labrador who went missing on December 18, 2019. In 2017, Kyran Anderson got hit by lymphoma, a rare cancer of the blood. Since then, he has taken refuge and has drawn inspiration from his ever-loyal dog, JR.

But a few days before Christmas last year, the dog suddenly went missing. This left the sick man heartbroken. Ever since he decided to adopt the pooch, JR became a constant reminder that he is blessed, Anderson recalled.

Anderson first met JR when one of his dearest friends asked him to supervise the dog while he was away. In that one week of stay of the dog in his house, Anderson built a long-lasting friendship to the pooch. When Anderson’s friend arrived to take the dog, the dog was hesitant to leave the side of Anderson.

This prompted Anderson’s friend to give the dog’s custody to him. After all, the new house that Anderson’s friend is renting does not allow any pets. It was a blessing in disguise on the part of Anderson’s friend. But for Anderson, it was the greatest blessing in his life.

This is why Anderson was left devastated when he learned that the dog went missing. According to one of his neighbors, JR escaped in their front door why one of Anderson’s roommates tried to take the dog out for a walk. The dog might have become excited to go out after a while, so the pooch rushed through the dor. It was the time when the dog went missing,

JR, according to Anderson, has a microchip, so whoever might have seen the dog could contact him in through the number. Anderson is hopeful that his pooch would return home soon. The man offered a $1,000 reward to whoever could bring his dog back to him.

Please spread the word! Jr was LOST on December 18, 2019 in Atlanta, GA 30311 near dunmar and stratford drMessage from…

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