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Cheddar used to live in a house where his family loved him. This golden retriever loved being with his parents. However, when he was eight years old, one of his parents had cancer. The family had to use their resources and their time for the cancer patient. It was a sad thing because they did not have the time and money to take care of Cheddar. So they had to give up Cheddar to a shelter.

While at the shelter, Cheddar met Shelley Vassall. Shelley’s family decided to be the foster family for Cheddar.

The family had grown to love the gentle dog. Cheddar loves cuddling and getting belly rubs. It didn’t take a while before they decided to adopt him.

Now, Cheddar may be a senior dog, but he still has the energy for a puppy. He is now 13 years old. He still loves cuddles and wants to always be with his parents just like most dogs.

Cheddar is very friendly and wants to be friends with all people he meets. One day, Cheddar met a person who would then become another important person in his life.

Cheddar and Shelly go out on walks daily. While on their way, they saw Jean, a neighbor. Jean was on their porch and was there with her husband. So Shelley went over for a quick greeting. That moment became the start of the friendship for Jean and Cheddar. That first meeting led to yet another and another until it became a regular thing.

Cheddar now looks forward to going out and spending time with Jean. He would be very excited to go out on their daily walk so that they could go over at Jean’s house where he would sit right by Jean and get all the attention that he wants to have.

Source: The Dodo


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