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Dead Dog Crawls Out of the Grave

Miracle, Mistake or Real-Life Pet Sematary?

Engin_Akyurt (CC0), Pixabay

By all accounts, Dik, was dead.  After 18 years as the loyal family dog, he was discovered lying motionless at the family home in Novonlisk, Russia.  The heartbroken, elderly sisters who were his owners did what they could to awaken him, but to no avail.  Assuming he was dead, they sadly held a funeral at a local pet cemetery and then had him buried.

That’s when things took a strange turn. Apparently a short time after he was buried, Dik either awakened or revived.  Since he was buried, he had to actually dig his way out of his shallow grave and run from the cemetery!

Back from the Dead

Buried alive, Dik somehow escaped his shallow grave

The exhausted dog was found by the side of the road by passersby who picked him up and to took him to a nearby pet shelter, Otkroi Svoe Serdtse (Open Your Heart).

The shelter posted pictures of the “resurrected” dog which were noticed by his elderly owners.  Crying with joy, the sisters came to the shelter and gladly took him home.

Dik dug his way out of the shallow grave where he was buried (Image: IRINA MUDROVA)

Commenting on this bizarre and miraculous case, the head of the shelter, Irina Mudrova, stated,”Fortunately, they buried him not deep underground and he managed to get to the surface after regaining consciousness.”

Real-Life Pet Sematary?

The story caused quite a stir in the village where villagers couldn’t help but notice similarities to a certain Stephen King novel, “Pet Sematary”, where pets that are buried return to life.

Social media commentators offered up their opinions.

“I wonder, have Dik’s owners read Pet Sematary? Are they afraid for their lives?” – Kasyanenko Anastassiya

“Once I almost buried my cat alive. I thought she died and started panicking. Luckily, she woke up before I buried her.”
– Venya_1603

“I am crying because I am happy for Dik! He has such loving owners!” – Kresla_125rus

Fortunately for Dik, this story ended well.  May he enjoy many more good years together with his family!

Rescued by the shelter, Dik was reunited with his owners


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