Dog Treats
Dog Treats

Dogs can’t resist the sight of doggy T-R-E-A-T-S; they smell good and taste heavenly!

There’s no doubt about it – dogs can’t get enough of the “T” word.

Some dogs are just desperate and brave enough to defy their owner’s rules so they can get their paws on the treat stash their owner kept somewhere.

Picture this.  You enter the kitchen, and you unexpectedly find doggy treats all over the kitchen floor – and there’s your dear dog in the middle of the room eating everything he can find!

This can be frustrating experience for a handler and trainer. Most owners would probably “scold” their dog.

But what if your dog is even more desperate than you think?

Meet James – a proud owner of an adult German Shepherd named Zeus.

One fine day, James discovered that the doggy treat stash he kept was raided by Zeus. Even worse, Zeus got to them and scattered them all over the floor.

It was a mess!

Being a good owner, James sent Zeus to the other room while he cleaned up the mess.

But apparently, Zeus was even more desperate than James expected!

See the footage for yourself below:

Zeus was probably just trying to help clean up the mess he made earlier. Perhaps Zeus felt guilty for making his owner clean up the spilled treats. Or maybe he was just hungry.

We can only guess..

Nonetheless, Zeus gave us a good laugh.

And speaking of dogs who know what they want, check out this Hilarious Video Of Dog Defying Owner In Race In Favor of Treats and Toys!

Source kingzeusofcali via Instagram


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