The authorities issued forced evacuations in many parts of California to keep the civilians save from the Camp Fire, which destroyed over $16 billion worth of properties. Unfortunately, Andrea Gaylord was one of those who were not at their home when the fire broke out.

Andrea did not get to her home on time to pick the dogs up. Andrea knew that her belongings are gone for good, but she hoped that her dogs, Miguel and Madison, would survive the fire.

A month after the Camp Fire incident that burned over 153,000 acres of land, she received a clearance to return to her house. All Andrea expected was to find nothing, but the ashes of her home and belongings.

Posted by Shayla Sullivan on Friday, December 7, 2018

As soon as Andrea arrived, she immediately broke down in tears. She did not expect to find her dog, Madison, waiting as if protecting their home like a good dog that he is.

Shayla Sullivan, a volunteer who lived near Andrea’s neighborhood, explained how she helped to reunite Madison with his owner. When Shayla met Miguel first, she brought the dog to Madison in hopes of taking them both in for the meantime.

However, Madison wanted to be left behind, which gave Shayla a hard time to catch the steadfast dog. Knowing that Madison would not budge, Shayla left food and water for the dog instead.

When Shayla met Andrea, she borrowed a piece of her clothing, which she used to lure the dog. Luckily, Shayla’s plan worked because Madison must have realized that his owner is still alive.

Andrea could not help but feel a sense of relief that her dogs were alive and unharmed. Although Andrea lost everything in the wildfire, she was so happy to know that her furry best friends are loyal to her.

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