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Finding out we are pregnant!

      It is a commonly known fact that when a woman gets pregnant their dogs behavior seems to change. For some this is a subtle change. For others it can be as dramatic as a new personality all together.
      Back in April of 2019 my husband and I found out we were expecting our first little human addition to the family. However, even before we knew, I am sure our dog Lightning knew. Lets rewind back to the very beginning of April about four or five weeks before we discovered our little hidden gem.
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Discovering a change in behavior

      There I was lounging on my couch watching an episode of New Girl when Lightning hopped up on the couch by my feet and wiggled her way onto my lap to rest her head on my belly. Her ear flat against it as if she were listening for something. Now imagine a Blue Heeler, Border Collie mix trying to be a lap puppy. It’s just not a thing, and for good reason. For those first few weeks it was like trying to keep bear from honey. She became my personal shadow. At first I did not think much of it. My husband had been away for work for a few weeks at a time so she and I were spending a lot more time together one on one. But when your dog insists on watching you do your bathroom routine every time you need to… you start to wonder if somethings up.
      In an article by it is stated that while your dog may sense a change in hormones weather by smell or subtle cues in your movements and behavioral changes, it is not likely that they actually know it is pregnancy. At least not right away. In the case of my own experience with lightning over the past few months, I think she originally was just worried about me. She wanted to be close by in case something medically went wrong and she was somehow needed. However her behavior shifted a bit one again around week ten or eleven. While in the past Lightning was well known in the neighborhood for being a happy social pooch, she suddenly became more reserved. Anyone who came to the door was a threat she needed to warn us about, the slightest sound out side demanded a whimper or a low growl of warning. She became more difficult to take on walks because of these threatening sounds she would make towards other walkers and their dogs. Which is unfortunate living less than a mile from the nearest beach!


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