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Indifferent Dog
      Will your dog react the same as mine to pregnancy in a close companion? No. While your dog may respond to you or a friend the same as Lightning does for me it is also possible for your dog to become fearful. It is suspected because of the change in a pregnant woman’s chemistry during pregnancy her scent can alter from its original smell. For a dog who suddenly realizes someone they love doesn’t smell like them anymore this can be hard for them to accept. Luckily if this is your experience, your scent should return to normal after the birth.
      Another way some dogs react to pregnancy is indifference or as I like to call it: denial. Some dogs just simply have better things to do, like chew up your brand new slipper, than worry about what’s wrong with you. This seems to be more common in dog’s who do not suffer from separation anxiety, are commonly left alone, or are very young or very old. There is no  right or wrong way for your dog to react. And keep in mind, just because you dog may react in a negative way to your pregnancy they may react completely different to your baby when you bring them home for the first time.
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By Krystal Schneider


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