We try to treat our dogs as humanly as possible. We’re not referring to being kind to them and not hurting them — we are talking about giving them things and making them experience things that are meant to be for humans only. Why not? We love them, and we treat them like family.

Sometimes though we can be too over the top. But this is a free country, and as long as it doesn’t cause any type of harm to anyone, we are free to do as we please. In today’s age of social media, dogs can partake by being Instagram stars. Their owners would dress them up really nicely, and take almost professionally looking photos of them.

But for Pluto, the rescue dog, it wasn’t about fashion at all when it started. Pluto is yet to become an internet sensation, but what his human grandpa did for him caught the attention of the internet population, and it got them talking about his story. Twitter user Lily rescued Pluto.

When she took Pluto in, Lily noticed that the poor pup’s body uncontrollably shakes at random times. This is actually very common with rescue dogs who are experiencing anxiety, and Pluto’s vet confirmed it. Lily thought that perhaps Pluto was feeling cold all the time because of his small stature.

So Lily bought a tiny sweater for Pluto. Cold or not, tight-fitting clothes can actually provide a calming effect to dogs — and it surely was effective for poor Pluto. His random shaking has stopped. Lily continued to purchase more small sweaters for her pup, but now, they got nowhere to store the unused ones.

Grandpa to the rescue! Lily said that her dad likes building things. So he made Pluto a small closet where Pluto and Lily can store all the sweater and jackets that are not being used. Lily’s dad built the closet only in two days, and Pluto absolutely loved it. Right after it was finished, Pluto actually inspected the furniture and started picking out his outfit of the day.

Thanks to Lily for sharing the original story.


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