Running Japanese Spitz Dog
Running Japanese Spitz Dog

Cuteness overload alert!!!

Bingo and Rolly just got real with this video. They are no longer just cartoon images. These dog celebrity lookalikes definitively give a striking resemblance. Disney showrunner Harland Williams admitted that they were really inspired by real dogs which makes it a real hit to the dog-loving kiddie audience.

Disney’s ultra-famous Puppy Dog Pals has its counterparts in real life. Our friends from TheThings compiled this cute video on Youtube containing all the animals that closely resemble the charming cast of characters of Puppy Dog Pals.

Take a look at it here:

Source: TheThings via Youtube

The award-giving bodies give the inspiring Disney show a nod too. The Annie Awards nominated it once. It also won a Daytime Emmy out of two nominations.

Kids gave a very warm reception to the adventure of Bingo and Rolly as the main characters in Puppy Dog Pals. This success resonated worldwide and Disney listened. So Disney renewed the show for a third season after two seasons and an equally successful set of short features. It was aired on both Disney main and Disney junior cable channels.

Since it made its debut in April 2017, kids totally love the musical adventure! This is also one of the first animal-themed cartoons from Disney that honors artificially intelligent dogs. In the video, ARF or Autodoggy Robotic Friend even has a counterpart in real life!

That really reveals a lot considering that this is one of the first few shows of Disney that acknowledges robotic dogs in its main cast.

The show held its own for a year now. Released alongside the likes of The Muppet Show and Vampirina, the thrill and adventure of the two journeying pug brothers struck a chord in kids all over the world.

Parents are also in for a treat with this show. It teaches the value of friendship and helping each other. This wholesome and positive message from the daily episodes of the show makes it unsurprisingly a favorite even among parents.






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