Closeup of Dog chewing
Closeup of Dog chewing

A recent survey conducted among a significant sample of dog owners asked if they were brushing their dog’s teeth. Surprisingly around 83 percent of the respondents said that they weren’t brushing their dog’s teeth as often as they should.

There were many reasons for this; most dog owners were just too busy with their work and life that they didn’t have time to brush their dog’s teeth. Some don’t bother at all.

Having enough dental care for your dog is crucial for the overall health of your dog especially for their mouth. Like humans, dogs should also have good dental hygiene in order to let them avoid experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort from all the dental problems that may arise.

Your dog might be at risk of developing plaque, cavities, and even bleeding of the gums if you are not careful in treating their dental needs. As your dog gets older they will be more prone to dental diseases and should be treated with better dental hygiene.

But if you just can’t find the time to personally brush your dog’s teeth, there can be alternative ways of letting your dog get adequate dental hygiene. Here a few ways you can brush your dog’s teeth if you’re too busy.

1. Let your dog learn to brush by themselves

If you’re really so busy that you don’t have time to brush your dog’s teeth, making your dog brush their own teeth is a perfect option to consider. There are products and toys available on the internet that will let you do this.

A particular invention was recently made that enables you to do just that. This seemingly odd dog toy has soft bristles around it and would technically brush your dog’s teeth if they chew on it. Just add some dog toothpaste and your dog is now taking care of their own dental needs while they enjoy playing with a toy.

2. Use dental sprays

To prevent dental issues from appearing in your dog’s mouth, you can alternatively use sprays specifically made for dental use. These dental sprays help prevent the formation of cavities on your dog’s teeth.

It’s also really easy to use, just spray on your dog’s teeth on a regular basis and don’t forget to rinse it afterward. These dental sprays are good alternatives to dog toothbrushes that you’re too lazy to use.

3. Let your dog have some dental chewing gum

Chewing is one of a dog’s favorite activities to do; they actually chew on almost anything that they can see inside the house. So letting them chew on dental chewing gums is perfect for both treating your dog’s unwanted chewing behavior and dealing with their dental issues.

These dental chewing gums easily scrape the dirt and cavities on your dog’s teeth. Letting your dog chew on these will also be a great alternative to brushing your puppy’s teeth.

Before following this advice, make sure that you have consulted your local vet. They can give you good advice on knowing what is best for your dog’s dental health.


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