Can you train a Pit Bull?

Pit Bulls are famous for many things: high energy, muscular bodies, loyal, and sometimes being hard to train, among other things. A well trained Pit Bull can be a fantastic pet, but the training is not for everyone. Here are some steps to training your Pit Bull so that you, and your family, can have the best experience possible.

Do not procrastinate training

Since Pit Bulls tend to be strong willed and energetic, they need training as early as possible. If you can get them started with training as a puppy, then that is definitely ideal. Since one of the things they can be known for is being loyal, they are likely to react well to positive forms of training rather than training that deals more with punishment. Remember, you will need to be both patient and positive when training your Pit Bull puppy!

Let your dog meet people

Sometimes, when it comes to dog’s with high energy, people think they need to keep them away from everyone no matter the cost. The problem with this is that they will never have the chance to become familiar with people, and will then never figure out how to be calm around people. Help your dog meet new people.

The key with having your dog meet more people is to have the setting be as familiar as possible. Your own house is a great place for your dog to have interaction because they are familiar with it, and it is easy for you to keep everything under control. The more people your dog can meet, the easier it will become to have your dog around people.

Your dog needs exercise

Another thing Pit Bulls were known for was being muscular dogs. This means they will need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. On top of this, you already know your Pit Bull has a lot of energy, so taking them out on walks will help them get some of that energy out. As an added plus. taking your dog for a walk or for some other sort of exercise will only create a better relationship between you both!

Feed them right

Another tip to keeping your dog healthy is to give him/her the right kind of food. This will keep their energy levels where they are supposed to be, and help keep their muscles strong. Make sure the food you are giving your Pit Bull has the protein and nutrition they need!

Don’t forget the Vet

If you are doing the things your dog needs like giving it proper nutrition and regular exercise, your dog is likely to stay fairly healthy. However, health problems can still come and it is important to remember that the Vet is your friend! Keep your dog updated with the Vet to keep them healthy!

Love your dog

One of the most important things is to love your dog! If you want to raise and train a loving, happy dog, then the best way is to model it yourself!



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