Puppy with Veterinarian
Puppy with Veterinarian

Most of us like having dogs just for the sake of having them as a pet and nothing else. But it is very important that we are familiar with our dogs so we can relate with them and bond with them easily. It is also a way to understand them since they cannot communicate through words. It will be a little awkward when you don’t even know how your own pet behaves.

Let us all identify their own unique attributes. Below are some of the things we need to know about our pets.

1. Dogs act like a 2-year-old kid

You might be wondering why your toddler and your pet have this chemistry. Now you know the answer, huh? They get along so well because they have the same level of understanding.

2. Dog’s slurping way is the same as the cat’s

It may sound unbelievable. But a dog’s tongue is bigger and longer than cats so they tend to slurp messier and noisier. However the way they bend their tongues and raise the liquid into their mouths are pretty much the same.

3. Dogs know much of your routine and follow time guidelines

They usually know your daily routine and that is the one which they religiously follow. They know when you get up, when you will be out and when you will be back home. So if you arrive a little bit later than usual, you will see your dog very excited to see you as soon as you arrive. They can also sense you are not feeling well when it is time for you to wake up but you are still snuggled in bed.

4. Dogs whiskers are very helpful at night

These are long projected hairs growing from their face which humans don’t have.  Though it will not be like a paranormal one, those hairs help them see things in the dark. So they can protect you from danger because they can sense it using those whiskers.

5. Dogs have sweat glands but only in their paws

Interesting, right? But yes, it is a fact. So that is the reason why they are pant to cool themselves.

6. They use 320 pounds of pressure on their mouths

That was according to studies with the American Pit Bull, German Shepherd and Rottweiler. They also carry 42 teeth compared to humans who have an average of 32 teeth.

7. They mature earlier than humans

Some breeds at 1-year-old are as mature as a 15-year-old kid. But of course it will vary based on their size as well.  This is why they don’t live longer than humans.

8. Huge difference between humans and dogs when it comes to sense of smell

Experts say, their sense of smell is 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans. This is beneficial to people since they can smell danger before we do so they can protect us.

9. Dogs hearing is 4 times greater than humans

Puppies are naturally born deaf. But eventually they exceed our hearing capabilities as they grow. But with humans and dogs alike, hearing abilities decrease with age.

10. They know how you feel just by your smell

Awesome, isn’t it? Dogs can actually detect how you feel just by the change of your smell. That is why they love to sniff because they want to be sure that their owners are okay. They will know for sure if you are going through something or are sick just by smelling you.


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