Whenever we think of prisons, we usually think of an inhospitable place that’s full of criminals and violence. However, we need to remember that prison inmates are also humans. They made a mistake in the past and are in prison to get rehabilitated.

In a California Medical Facility, inmates are being brought in for a one-of-a-kind prison program that will help both the inmates and people in need. Inmates at the California Medical Facility are taught how to train dogs to become service dogs.

The dogs that become part of the program come from kill shelters. These dogs are pulled from kill shelters and are taken in the California Medical Facility to receive training to become service dogs. Once the dogs pass the tests, and they officially become service dogs, they are assigned to people who require service dogs.

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The prisoners in the program also benefit from training shelter dogs. Not only that, they get to contribute something to society, but they also get a chance to spend time with animals. Some of the inmates have life sentences and have been in prison for many years and have never experienced petting a dog since they were incarcerated. It’s a life-changing thing for the inmates to have.

We have to remember that the inmates are also humans. It’s incredible to see hardened criminals making puppy sounds and kisses when they meet the dogs they’re training for the first time in many years. For the inmates, it’s a great thing to spend time with a creature who doesn’t judge them for the mistakes they did in the past.

One inmate even had six life sentences and was sentenced to die in one state. However, the dog training program changed his life and turned his life around. He now oversees the program and gives other inmates a chance to turn their lives around. The dogs provide the inmates with a lot of hope, and even spending a day with the dogs helps the inmates in their rehabilitation and give them something to look forward to when they’re introduced back into society. Here’s an amazing video showing how dogs are changing the lives of prison inmates for the better.

Video Source ABC10 via YouTube


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