We are all aware that people’s food favorites vary from person to person. We learned that some dogs like vegetables while others – not so much. There are others who do not like the smell and taste of fruit!

Our featured dog for today is an exception as it seems she likes to eat everything served to her. Watch the video below.

Food is food. No problem for Loulou.

Food is food. No problem for Loulou.

Posted by MetDaan Animals on Thursday, December 20, 2018

Loulou is a Daschund who lives in the Netherlands. She will turn two years old this August and has almost 200 thousand followers.   She is famous for her ability to eat just about anything given to her from fruits to vegetables. While others are hard to force to eat vegetables, Loulou does not have any problem munching on them.

Our thoughts

The health and wellness of our dogs should be on top of our list. These two factors define the overall wellbeing of our dogs as well as their attitude towards humans. Thus, we must put a considerable effort into feeding them the right food that can be beneficial to their bodies.

Our dogs have various needs, and it is imperative that we provide all these needs to them. Allow your dogs to enjoy the healthy food they want to eat and encourage them to exercise regularly. Aside from all these, allow your dogs to have fun and space to do the things that they love to do. We also have to take care of their mental and emotional needs for them to grow into the happy dogs that we want them to be.

One thing that we have to consider in this story is to keep the food intake minimal for our dogs. Only make them eat what is enough for them as it could lead to problems otherwise.  Allowing your dogs eat anything they want is nice, but we also have to consider proper food training and discipline for their well-being.

Source: Facebook via MetDaan Animals



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