Jason Flatt is a life-long advocate for dogs, particularly pit bulls. He knows the stigma surrounding them, and he also knows that a lot of pit bulls living in shelters are needlessly euthanized because no one wants to adopt them. Pit bulls have the worst reputation as a dog breed in the world. Some countries even ban people from owning a pit bull.

Growing up, Jason Flatt’s family owned a pit bull. This was before all the stereotyping about pit bulls began. His family didn’t have any problems with their pit bull, and he also knows how great these dogs are. Besides the fact that pit bulls are brilliant dogs, they’re also very patient and gentle.

It was only because of mainstream media, and when dog fighting rings emerged that pit bulls became vicious in the eyes of many people. When Jason lost his brother, his family moved to Georgia. He was in a dark place in his life and longed for a purpose. He decided to adopt a pit bull.


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Eventually, Jason decided to adopt another pit bull. When he went to the shelter, he realized just how bad the situation is for pit bulls. There were pit bulls inside kennels that were marked with an “X,” which meant that the dogs inside the marked kennel were going to be euthanized.

This gave Jason a renewed sense of purpose, and he suddenly knew what he had to do. On that day, Jason decided to rescue as many pit bulls as he can and give them sanctuary while they wait to get adopted. This is why he is very active when it comes to rescuing pit bulls. He started volunteering in animal rescue organizations and even in shelters.

However, volunteering wasn’t enough to save pit bulls. Jason knew he could do a lot more, which is why he founded a rescue organization called Friends Of The Forlorn. He takes in pit bulls living in kill shelters to give them a better chance of getting adopted and find their forever homes. Jason gives the pit bulls a safe place to live in, and he also makes people aware of the pit bull-type breeds.

Ever since Jason started Friends Of The Forlorn, he rescued hundreds of pit bulls and is continuing to rescue more. Through donations from like-minded people, Jason was able to raise enough money to buy a property, which he turned into a sanctuary for pit bulls. Here’s a video telling the story of Jason and how he started his pit bull rescue organization.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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