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Hachiko is the very famous dog in Japan who is known for his loyalty to his humans. His story is known all around the world.

In Siberia, there is a version of Hachiko. This dog is as devoted to his humans as the Japanese Hachiko.

This dog has been waiting for his owners for more than a year already. He is of mixed breed and he can be seen waiting right on the same spot. He has gone through two harsh winters of Siberia in the hopes that his family will be back and be with him again.

However, what this dog does not know is that his family has been in a car crash and not one of them has survived the unfortunate accident.

The dog is often seen right by the roadside. People have noticed him and were already worried about the welfare of the animal. There were some people who even tried to rescue him from his situation but none have been successful so far. He does not want to go with anyone but with his owners. He would run away each time someone tries to get close to him.

To be able to help the dog, people have started to give him food. There are people who would throw food to give to the dog when they pass by so that the dog would survive each day. There are even people who have put together a kennel so that this dog can have a place to sleep in each night and when the weather becomes quite harsh.

People are scared that he may get hit by a car. One time, a truck almost hit the animal. It was a good thing that the dog wasn’t hurt but his kennel was in pieces. The people of the neighborhood fixed the kennel for the animal.

Now, it is a community effort to keep the dog alive since he does not want to be rescued. They try to help out when they can.

Source: Cool Panda


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