Puppy snuggling in blanket
Puppy snuggling in blanket

All dogs must be given core vaccines. As for non-core vaccines, otherwise known as lifestyle vaccines, to have them administered to your pet is your prerogative as a dog parent. Here are a few examples of this.

Kennel cough or bordatella

The bacteria called Bordatella bronchoseptica is one of the most notorious culprits of kennel cough, a respiratory ailment suffered by dogs. Similar to how the human vaccine for the common flu works, bordatella vaccines reduces the symptoms and duration of infection. These vaccines do not spare your canine from getting infected by kennel cough-causing viruses and bacteria.

Some of the more advanced vaccines against bordatella are also effective in targeting other microorganisms known to trigger the infection.

Kennel cough is passed from an infected dog to a new target via air transmission. This means that if your dog regularly shares dog-friendly indoor spaces with their fellow canine, they are at a higher risk of contracting the infection. As for the most prone dogs to kennel cough, the list include Pugs, Bulldogs, and short-faced canine breeds in general.

Dogs that travel regularly should be given this vaccine.


The bacteria called leptospirosis is found and spread in pools of water that have mixed with infected urine from certain wildlife, including raccoons, squirrels, and rats. Even if your dog does not habitually wander away from your property, they are still at risk, especially if you have regular wildlife visitors in your backyard, such as the ones aforementioned.

Dogs who spend time outdoors should receive this vaccine. Although this infection can easily be rectified by a dose of antibiotics, if not addressed quickly it can worsen into a life-threatening condition. Severe symptoms of this disease include vomiting, disorientation, and kidney failure, among others.

The zoonotic leptospirosis can be passed from dogs to humans.

Dog flu (canine influenza)

The first ever diagnosis of this disease was made in the United States, back in the year 2004. The symptoms of dog flu are akin to that of the kennel cough disease, although the former can progress into a more sever condition that might require your canine friend’s hospitalization.

The dog flu appears in two different strains. When it strikes there’s no predicting which strain will see an outbreak. Since its first diagnosis the disease has chronically occurred throughout the United States, sans any sort of pattern. Dog flu vaccines can either address both strains or just one.

If your canine is a regular visitor of boarding places and doggy day care, giving them the dog flu vaccine is a smart decision. The same goes for dogs that travels frequently.

Lyme disease

The lyme disease is an infection that originates from the deer tick, which is a black-legged kind. This disease is most prevalent in the country’s Northeast region, where it is considered as a core doggy vaccine. For those living in low-risk locations, this vaccine falls under the lifestyle vaccine category.

The most noticeable symptom of lyme disease is lethargy. If your usually active pup starts to act tired and depressed, get them tested ASAP.




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