Dog eating treat from master
Dog eating treat from master

As busy as we may be, it is really an awesome feeling to see that there are still people who have the courage to stay kind and be animal lovers. We all have our own careers to deal with everyday not to mention sometimes multiple jobs a day. Having a pet requires time and attention. It is not that easy to raise a dog at your home when you are having to attend to some of your needs as well. We all have to work to feed and nurture our pets as responsible owners.

Aaron Hernandez, who lives in Texas and owns 5 dogs was surprised while reviewing some of his CCTV’s recorded videos. He is one of those owners who is gone for the day everyday to go to work. As he was looking at the retrieved videos, he saw a mailman feeding the dogs outside. And he didn’t do it just once but was captured by the camera twice. The dogs seemed happy and excited to see the mailman approaching.

Admit it or not, some of us may never care to give attention to somebody else’s pets. But this wonderful mailman did an amazing gesture.  He found time from his usual daily routine to come by and feed some treats to those dogs. A little act of kindness may go a long way. The owner felt so happy he couldn’t help himself but upload the video to show everyone a mailman’s good deed. People like this are rare nowadays so his deeds should be celebrated.

Watch the video below to see it for yourself and be amazed as well with the mailman’s kind gesture towards the dogs.

Source: YouTube by The Dodo

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