One thing that humans and dogs share is their ultimate love for food. Dogs just love snacking and would not miss any opportunity to grab some tasty treat. This adorable pit bull from Peach County, Georgia, is no exception.

Milton has been in love with food ever since the Tholen family adopted him eight years ago. His mom, Danielle, pampered him with all the treats he could ever think of. However, the pooch is just one hungry and insatiable pitbull.

Whenever his mom drops some food or throws some food scraps in the trash, Milton would almost immediately tiptoe to the scene to grab the snacks! He knew that sneaking in on his mom was not something she would approve of. But he just couldn’t resist the temptations to eat more snacks.

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So to avoid getting caught, he simply tiptoes everywhere. He would carefully tiptoe on the carpet to avoid creating so much noise. Then he would move to the kitchen floor where he would very, very slowly put one paw in front of the other.

His logic is that if he doesn’t see you, then it means you don’t see him too! So as much as possible, he avoids eye contact and pretends that nothing exists between him and his precious food bowl. In his mind, the moment he sees you, he knew he is caught.

When Danielle first saw Milton tiptoeing, she thought something was wrong with him. But the vets told them otherwise. Milton was just one smart and sneaky pup!

In the past, Milton would tiptoe every once in a while. But when he was around five or six years old, that was when his tiptoeing became his new means of walking.

Danielle shared that it doesn’t bother her at all. Despite Milton’s slight addiction to snacks, he is still a healthy and bubbly pitbull. And she wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Watch him in action here.

Courtesy of The Dodo


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