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A postman must deliver the mail because that is his job. But what if a dog stops you in doing your job? What would you do?

In this video, you would see this dog having fun with a postman. You would even see his tail wagging happily while they play football. This is a postman’s passport to getting mail delivered. No game, no delivery.

Amy Barbour is the postman’s daughter. Her father is the one in the video and she was the one who uploaded it online. The adorable video actually got a lot of likes and retweets and the numbers are continuously climbing.

People who commented on the video remarked that the dog was really a professional at what he was doing. He is an expert at trapping the ball and he also knows how to pass the ball. Other dogs would only keep the ball for themselves but this one does not.

Martin Compston is a celebrity and loves the Celtics. He also saw the video and he has said that he wants to get the dog and make him a part of World XI, his team on Soccer Aid.

Most people who watched the video are amazed at what the dog can do. Surely, not all dogs can do this. This surely is one talented dog! Many want to have him join their football teams. In jest, of course!

Waterloo AFC has also watched the video and joined in the fun. They said that they would like to get the dog to test out for their team. Seeing how the dog is able to pass the ball and how he uses his skills, they believe that the dog would be a perfect fit for them.

We would all not be surprised if this dog surely becomes a professional football player soon!

Source: SWNS TV


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