Man’s best friend? The friendship between dogs and humans has been noted and celebrated throughout the years.  Here are some thoughts from the famous and not-quite-as-famous .

Do dogs like you?

Trust the dog.

Taking it easy…

Dogs know how to relax.

Dogs have a way of seeing reality!

The dogs in your life are there for a reason.

I understand that Nora knows a lot.

Notice this dog is not drinking from the mountain stream without a filter.

Their faithfulness is inspiring.

An amazing example of friendship.

A little something from the creator of Peanuts!

Sounds like Snoopy.

Got a point there…

Their joy must be part of their nature.

The love of a dog!

Josh must have had a dog.

Who do you prefer being around?

Charles de Gaulle makes the case for canines.

The good days outnumber the bad ones

Seems about right!

What do you think? Got a better caption? Comment below!


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