Most people today are opting to adopt rescue dogs than buy one from breeders. They know that most of the dogs living in shelters don’t always get a second chance, and a lot of them are euthanized. However, thanks to awareness campaigns, there’s been a steady decline in the number of dogs euthanized, and some kill shelters are getting converted to no-kill shelters.

A couple named Danny and Karina was deciding to get a family pet. Karina wasn’t entirely convinced but supported Danny in adopting a pet dog. They opted to adopt a rescue dog instead of buying from a shelter, and they ended up with the most amazing dog named Chief.

Chief is a pit bull rescue who was found wandering the streets on Christmas Day. Chief was out in the cold, and it was snowing at the time. Chief developed pneumonia and could’ve died if he wasn’t found and placed in a shelter.

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Danny and Karina were first looking at fostering rescue dogs, and they ended up fostering Chief. It didn’t even take too long for Chief to win over the hearts of the couple, especially Karina.

Karina was reluctant to adopt a dog at first, but when she met Chief, she instantly changed her mind about adopting a rescue dog. She wanted Chief, and the couple eventually ended up foster failing, which means that they ended up adopting Chief.

The couple would spoil Chief, and Chief made the couple’s life a lot happier. Chief’s unique personality won over the couple’s hearts. He is such a spoiled dog who wants to do everything that his new parents do. Whenever Danny and Karina would hug or kiss, Chief would want to join in the fun and would jump at them and give them puppy kisses.

Chief eventually ended up in a perfect forever home with Danny and Karina. From being a stray dog wandering the cold streets, Chief finally has a warm home with loving parents to care for him. Here’s an adorable video of how Chief found his way home.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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