If you’ve never seen a dangerous rescue before, then you’ve never seen this video of a very dramatic puppy rescue.

While Hope For Paws was at the Funeral of one of their animal-loving friend, Lisa Ashe, they were contacted about eight puppies that were in need of rescue.

In honor of their late friend, Ashe, they headed to the location of the said puppies to save them.

The puppies were just a couple of weeks old. They were living inside a deep cave while their mother was nowhere to be found.

At first, the puppies were hanging out at the cave’s entrance. Since there were too many of them, they didn’t want to spook them and make them retreat inside the cave.

They used a cheeseburger to coax them to come out. There were six puppies at the cave’s opening at the time.

They were somewhat friendly, even taking food from the rescuer’s hand. When the opportunity came, the rescuers gently took one puppy. They didn’t want to scare the others, so they cuddled the puppy for longer to show the others that it was okay to come out.

When the puppy was finally handed over to another rescuer, the others who were still in the cave somehow got spooked and cried, retreating back into the safety of the cave.

It was what the rescuers didn’t want to happen. But they had no other choice. They needed to get them out of there.

One rescuer crawled into the tiny cave to try and grab the puppies. Unfortunately, the cave was deeper than they expected. The rescuer can no longer go in any further, so he used his snare to reach the puppies.

One by one, he gently snared the puppies while the other rescuers pulled him out of the cave. When each of the puppies was taken out of the cave, they screamed and cried as they’ve never had any contact with humans before.

But when the rescuers pet the puppies and assure them that they will be okay, they calmed down and began trusting them.

After successfully rescuing four puppies, they soon realize that the rest of the litter had trekked further down the cave. There was no way for them to reach them with the snare now.

So, they attempted to dig another tunnel that would meet up with the rest of the puppies, and after hours of digging, the puppies were finally within reach. They had to be careful as the hole that they dug could cave in.

One by one, the puppies were taken out of the cave. When the eighth puppy was rescued, the rescuer was sure that he could still hear a puppy down the cave, and rightly so!

One last puppy was in there – he was a runt. The rescuer snared him, and he was not even crying. He didn’t fight or make a sound.

They were able to rescue nine puppies out of the cave!

One final check inside the cave confirmed that there were no more puppies in there.

The puppies were then taken back to the shelter, where they were bathed, fed, and checked. They were even introduced to their new surrogate mom, Olive.

She was up to the task of making the puppies feel the love of a mama dog. But the rescue does not end there. The puppies’ feral mother was still out there, and even after people have tried capturing her, she remains on the loose.

Meanwhile, her babies will surely enjoy a happy life and should find their forever home when they are old enough.

Watch the dramatic puppy rescue in the video below.

Source Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via Youtube


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