Dogs are so adorable amidst their clumsiness and ridiculous acts sometimes. These funny antics make them lovable and entertaining even without them trying. Also, their innocent faces bring so much joy to our hearts.

Undoubtedly, those who own a dog can attest how these dogs bring happiness to their lives. These people would admittedly say that having a dog is a great decision as dogs not only help them feel secure, but they also are their happy pills.

Our featured video for today is a compilation of all funny and epic fails of our dogs. These dogs remind us that in every failure, one must not feel sad about it and instead, laugh all the disappointments off and just keep on trying.

Watch the video below.

Dogs also encounter failures. However, unlike human beings, they do not take these failures as a sign of weakness or lack of strength. Instead, they stand up and continue trying. People may laugh about it, but what is more important to them is that they finish what they started regardless of the number of time they have to keep trying.

Our thoughts

Watching the video brings us so much joy. Yes, it is fun to witness them fall down in such a very adorable manner. However, if we take a deeper look into the hidden message of the video, we can’t help but admire how determined these dogs are just to complete the tasks given to them. They do not care how many times they have to try or how long it takes them to complete such tasks. What is important to them is they get to reach the finish line. We would do well to learn this kind of attitude from our furry friends. Focus on your goals and reach them no matter what it takes!

Source: YouTube via It’s Complicated

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