This brother and sister had taken refuge in a junkyard before the owner could say anything about it, and although they were welcome to stay, such a place was hardly appropriate for the two of them. The people living there did not have the time to care for them as they already had their hands full, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t do anything to help these poor creatures find a good home. So they got a hold of a phone and dialed the number to the Hope For Paws organization hotline, and asked that they come to collect the dogs.

When the team of rescuers arrived at the address that the caller gave them, it took them all of ten seconds to spot the two adorable creatures. The female dog seemed more afraid of them than her brother was, which meant that she was going to be a challenge to secure and that if her brother was caught first, she might end up freaking out even more. She was also extremely clever, however, because the moment she realized they were going after her first, she maneuvered herself into the tightest space she could get into, making it harder for her rescuers to get a hold of her.

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That was soon rectified, though, because the rescuers always brought their gentle snares with them, and within minutes, they were able to fasten it around her neck and pull her out of her hiding spot. The male dog, her brother, came by to see what was going on, and when they called for him and showed him the cheeseburger, he came right at them with a wagging tail and accepted the food happily. Putting a leash on him was not nearly as tricky as it was with his sister, but the rescuers were more than happy to let that one go.

They were named Elmer and Elsie.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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