White Bulldog
White Bulldog
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Harley Bruiser, 10-year-old bulldog, and Buckeye, 15-year-old golden retriever, are each handling a challenging medical diagnosis. Both pets were recently given 4-6 months to live. But they now have each other as buddies in addition to their loving families.

Harley’s and Buckeye’s owners were recently notified separately of their dogs’ cancer diagnoses. The pair of old dogs met after each had received the bad news, and quickly became pals.

Doggie Bucket Lists

Together they are turning the next few months into a continuous party.  They’re having the time of their lives as they joyfully cross items off their bucket lists. Their adoring owners are, of course, helping out.

Harley, as well as Buckeye, have appreciated the pampering.  They’ve experienced a day of shopping at a doggie boutique. They’re getting lots of treats and snuggles.  And their owners have even more adventures planned for the future.

“I think it’s really important to try to keep giving your pet the best quality of life till the very end,” Grace Kemp, Buckeye’s owner and also a vet, told WTOV9.

From the very beginning, Kemp and her whole family have been there for Buckeye.  They rescued the puppy from a shelter and are bringing him up as a cherished member of the Kemp clan.

The golden retriever commonly accompanies his mommy to operate at Goodworks Veterinary Hospital in Ohio.  He assists her in showing what top quality pet care can do for a pet’s emotional wellbeing and physical health.

Harley, who is sadly nearing the end of his time, hasn’t wasted a second of the past couple of months. After years of looking after his family members, the bulldog is being spoiled far more than usual.

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Dog out window

“He’s got to ride in the back of our vehicles with us into town, skateboard down the road, I mean, anything a dog could ever want to do,” his owner, Ashley McElfresh told WTOV9.

Social Dogs

McElfresh keeps an eye on every one of Harley’s charming bucket list moments through the Facebook group “Bucket List Adventures of Harley Bruiser.” A few of his current journeys include a sunset drive, making art and also riding on an actual Harley Davidson motorbike.

Buckeye commonly appears on his best buddy’s Facebook page. The page chronicles how they assist each other in making their dreams come true before riding off into the sunset one last time.

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Source: Kelli Bender