Happy and Healthy Dog
Happy and Healthy Dog

How do you keep your dog healthy? You may be getting that question or perhaps you’re wondering the same thing yourself. It’s certainly understandable. Consider how much time you invest focusing on our your own health and that of your loved ones. But, what about our pets? Aren’t they family too? Read on to learn about 5 healthy and balanced tips that you can implement right away to keep Fido or Fluffy in tip-top shape!

1. Diet

First, feed your puppy or adult dog an excellent quality dog food. I know. It’s simpler and maybe cheaper to get that old familiar bag of dog food your family’s been using for years. However, that might not always be the best.

Do you understand the benefits of feeding your dog a high quality food? Meeting your dog’s actual nutritional requirements can give your pet a shinier coat, eyes that are brilliant and also better skin! And those are just the outward signs!

You’ll also be boosting their immune system, protecting them against illness and that nasty vomit that nobody wishes to tidy up! Great nourishment additionally aids animals to have healthier and stronger muscle mass, joints and improved digestion.

2. Fit Not Fat

Next, do not allow your animal to get fat! I know some people believe that a fat young puppy is lovable, but it simply isn’t in their best interest! I was amazed to find out that weight problems are the primary health issues for dogs! Primary! That’s our fault. You hardly ever see canines getting fat on their own.

So how does it happen? It’s because of their owners over feeding them and also the pets establishing negative habits over an extended period of time. So, stop the insanity as well as help your pets.

Google information about what your breed and age must consume and then remove their dish. Do not leave it out or they will feel like they ought to get a fast bite each time they are in the neighborhood.

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3. Regular Checkups

The next thing to keep an eye out for to keep healthy canines is to schedule normal check ups. A quick visit to the veterinarian will help them to remain healthy. A little prevention will save a great deal of time and grief, in addition to money. Your dog may act like they don’t like the vet, yet it’s for their own good. So, don’t allow them to dictate how frequently you take them. Don’t wait for an emergency situation!

4. No Potty Mouths!

A tidy mouth makes a healthy pet! Mouth and oral problems are not just stinky but also unhealthy. Untreated, dirty mouths can bring about kidney and heart problems. Habitually check your pet’s mouth. Brush their teeth with a doggie toothbrush as well as provide them with dental treats to their teeth looking great. You’ll be glad you did because their breath will smell much better too. It’s also better for those times when Sparky greets you with slurpy face licks when you get home from work!

5. Curb Off-Leash Time

Ultimately, and this is a crucial tip, don’t allow your pet to roam off-leash. This annoys your neighbors and is downright dangerous. If your canine is roaming around without supervision, they could ingest something that could make them ill or worse. How would you feel if your dog had an accident because you weren’t watching them? Not a problem you want to have.

So there you have it – my top 5 ideas to assist your pet in living a long, happy and healthy life. Any extra tips? Please leave them in the remarks below and here’s to a happy and healthy life for you and your dog!