Dog running - escaping
Dog escaping

We all love our fur babies and could never ever picture being without them. Unfortunately, some of them have the hardest time staying in the gorgeous house and terrific yard we have actually created for them.

Instead, defying all logic, they follow their fundamental instincts and make a break for it. If the thought of your pet bolting out the front door horrifies you too, don’t fret and read on!

I should admit that my pet has actually escaped way more times than I want to acknowledge. He is the sweetest pup, however he also wants the open road in front of him. I have invested hours learning what to do and importantly, what not to do when the lure of the open road becomes too strong to resist.

So, gain from my various blunders and with any luck it will aid you in your life as well as save some heartache and discomfort …

Plan A: Prevention

Have you heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? In this situation, particularly, that is totally real. The most effective means to prevent chasing your dog down the road is to prevent it from taking place to begin with. But, what should you do? Here’s a piece of advice that is priceless although it’s obvious.

Make sure your door is shut! Yes, no matter how well-trained your pet is, that open door might prove to be an irresistible lure. Even if they stay 99% of the time, that open door still will call and cause a lot of distress the other 1% of the time. So, keep it shut.

Next off, teach your dog one very important command. Stay. When you use it, be sure to use the open-palm, hand signal as well. By doing this your dog can both see and also hear the command to sit tight.

By rewarding the dog’s obedience at times when there isn’t an opportunity to bolt, she learns that it is in her best interest to stay. A yummy reward, as compared to an open door, usually wins in the end.

Plan B…

But, what about those times when your dog does run away? This is where I have learned some hard lessons. I have spent hours running down the road, trying to corral my dog. Meanwhile, he’s just having fun running through the neighborhood.
It’s a game!

So, what works? Bribery will get you somewhere in this case! Don’t let the escape turn into a game. Rather, grab a favorite dog treat and bring it with you outside. It should be large enough that Fido can see it. After that just wave that treat around and yell “Treat time!” or whatever you normally say when your dog gets rewarded. That’s a game-changer!

When your dog comes for the treat, just promptly grab her. Resist the urge to scold your pet as that can be confusing.

So, in the long run, keep calm, bring a treat and announce what you’ve got. With the ideal reinforcement, don’t be surprised when your dog comes running to meet you or perhaps the treat! Try it out for yourself and let us know your result in the comments. Have another suggestion? We’d love to hear from you. In the, meantime keep your canine pals safe.

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