Dog digging under fence
Dog digging under fence

Dogs are notorious for digging random holes in the ground, may it be in your front or backyard.  Your dog will almost certainly try to put an ugly hole somewhere. A dog’s urge to dig holes can cause you a lot of stress.  It can also cost you a lot of money for the repairs.

And when it rains, all that dirt will turn into mud making your yard more dirty and ugly to look at. The holes that your dogs dig may also cause some unwanted accidents.  You don’t want people suddenly tripping or stumbling over the holes.

To stop or control your dog from digging holes, first understand why they do it. One of the main reasons dogs exhibit this behavior is because they are just plain bored. Essentially, digging is one of the ways dogs try to alleviate the boredom they’re feeling.

If your dog is not getting enough exercise, they might develop this unwanted behavior of randomly digging holes. Here are a few ways you can stop your dog from digging in your yard.

1. Do not let him stay outside for a long time

If you leave your dog outside in your yard without any supervision and alone, he will most likely cause you headaches. Your dog may do some troublesome things like disturbing your neighbors, running away, and digging random holes.

Dogs are social animals, if you leave them alone for long enough they will elicit these bad behaviors in order to get attention. So try to pay attention to your dog.  Attention’s the thing that he’s wanting you to give him.

2. Give him dog toys

Since boredom is the main reason for your dog’s unwanted digging of holes, why not give him something better to do? Giving your dog toys will let him have something to play with and help alleviate his boredom. With being distracted by the toys you have given him, your dog might not even consider digging holes again.

Just make sure that the toy you are giving to your dog is really safe and right for your dog’s size and breed. You don’t want your dog to be choking on small toys.  You don’t want him getting poisoned by things that he accidentally ate.

3. Play with your dog

Playing with your dog is one of the best ways to get rid of the boredom that they are experiencing. Simply playing with your dog an hour a day can make a big difference in their physical and mental health.

You can play all sorts of games like tug of war, fetch or even hide and seek. With playing all these games, your dog will no longer try to dig holes just to get your attention.

Playing games can also be a great way to let your dog get some much needed physical training and mental exercise. These are important to keep your dog from developing unwanted behaviors like digging holes.


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