Happy Basset Hound
Happy Basset Hound

Dogs all across the land are so excited to have all of their humans home! They don’t know why, but they don’t care for the reason, whatever it may be. If you’re looking for a dog’s perspective, we’ve got the select interviewees below! 


Dogs across the country are full of joy as their families are suddenly spending much more time with them at home.

‘I get very lonely when everyone is gone. I know they’ll come back but I miss them a lot. All of a sudden though, my family is here all the time. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m loving it,’ said Rex Barkshire, a young Labrador.

Dogs everywhere are seeing huge increases in indoor playtime, even if their outdoor walkies have been curtailed.

‘We don’t seem to be going out for walkies as much but we’re playing a lot of tug rope and catch in the back garden. And I’m getting lots of pets and attention. This is pretty sweet,’ Archie Woofingham III told us.

In related news, cats have never been as pissed off as they are right now


All in all, the dogs are so thrilled to have all their humans home to spend time with them! Even though they may not be allowed to go on their normal routine walks, they still are happy to love on and play with their two-legged friends!! However, the cats may be a little more grumpy since they aren’t getting their much needed alone time…

Thank you to David Marrs and our friends at the Daily Squat for this great piece!!


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