Dog chewing on a chew toy
Dog chewing on a chew toy
Chewing Dog
Dog chewing on a chew toy

Many dog owners start the job of training their pup by enrolling them in obedience school. While there are many elements that are addressed in dog training courses. One component of pet training not typically considered in pet training courses is chewing.

It’s difficult to go over the chewing issue in dog training courses for a number of reasons, the main one being dogs frequently have absolutely nothing to chew on or damage in the class! If you’re an owner still looking for a solution, read on…

Training Tips

This type of dog training is generally more necessary in young puppies. Older dogs have actually been known to require this sort of training as well due to the fact that they enjoy eating forbidden items while their humans are out and about!

To start, first of all realize that all dogs chew. Start your pet training by maintaining all of your pet’s chew toys in one location.  This way your pet learns to associate this area with their chew toys. You need to do this in order for this type of training to work. A doggie “toy box” is a good solution for this.

Remember, never spank or strike your dog if you catch it chewing on something that’s not his. For effective pet dog training, commend your dog when it chews on what it is expected to gnaw on.

Dogs react much better to favorable praise. Give your canine companion a verbal reprimand if he continues to chew on things that he shouldn’t. Your tone of voice is often enough punishment and generally is the only penalty needed for this type of training.

One Last Trick

You can also try another trick, if necessary.  Simply put a deterrent on the things your canine should not eat. “Bitter apple” is one such taste deterrent and is available at many pet stores and online.

Training your dog can be a fun and fulfilling experience … as long as every one of your favorite things isn’t chewed up in the process! Stay calm and persist to achieve the best results.