St Bernard - Rescue Hero
St Bernard - Rescue Hero

Every day, brave dogs rescue people all over the globe. Dogs often disregard their own personal safety for the sake of the humans they love. These true dog stories demonstrate the unique bond between man and dog.

Tsunami Heroes

No one knows how many human lives were preserved by canines in the massive tsunami of December 2004. 7-year old Dinakaran of Chinnalapet, India understands.  He understands that he would not be here today without the heroism of his pet, Selvakumar.

Dinakaran’s small, yellow dog realized that he couldn’t run away from the waves, so he dragged him to safety. Dinakaran’s mom believed her boy was lost up until she found him saved by their household pet.

Faithful Companion

In early December, 16-year old Robert Bainbridge lay unconscious in the chilly English air.  He had been beaten up by a gang of hooligans. His dedicated canine, Tyson, located him, snuggled up alongside him and refused to leave him.

A search party, including a helicopter, was dispatched. Robert was ultimately found by his father after Tyson heard the man’s voice calling from a vehicle. In response, Tyson ultimately led him to Robert. Throughout the ordeal, Tyson cuddled by the subconscious boy’s side for 5 hrs, helping him stay warm.

Once an abandoned pup, Tyson is now a hero to the Bainbridge family members. According to the physicians, Robert would not have survived if he had been left on his own.  Tyson’s body heat warmed him up and saved him.

Fire Dogs

On New Year’s Eve, 2004, Kathy White of Jackson County Missouri awoke in a smoke filled room.  She was unable to see, and uncertain of  how to get away. Her young, 6-month old Neapolitan Mastiff– Ahbah– led her out of the house to safety.

Some days before, in Cumberland. Md., David DeWitt slept while a fire broke out in his house. Rocky, DeWitt’s 110-pound Rottweiler, pestered him until he woke up. DeWitt credits his pet with saving his life.

Everyday Heroes

Throughout the world, canines save people each and every day. There’s nothing new about these stories. Indeed, these events happen so often that they often go unnoticed. Yet these tales bring joy to dog enthusiasts throughout the world. They strengthen the special nature of the relationship between man and dog. Although people sometimes ignore this distinct bond, dog lovers understand it instinctively.