Canine Companionship
Canine Companion

Depression is an emotional condition that affects millions around the world.  Depression can greatly impact a person’s ability to enjoy life and engage with those around them.

While there are numerous approaches for dealing with depression, one way that’s helpful is pet ownership.  Caring for an animal that depends on you can help to provide meaning in life.  It gives you something else to focus on.  Additionally, pets provide affection and companionship in return.

Most dogs will provide loyalty, companionship and some level of affection, just because they’re dogs.  However, some types of dogs are particularly sensitive and affectionate.  Some studies even suggest that certain breeds of dogs are better at helping to combat depression than others.

Here are five breeds of dogs that can be particularly helpful in changing the color of “the blues” beginning with one that is golden.


Golden Retrievers

golden retriever, pet, dog
Golden Retriever

Retrievers have joyful and playful dispositions.  Golden Retrievers, in particular, are known for having this personality.  One personality test uses the term “Golden Retriever” for types of people who just want to make others happy.  “Goldens” love activity and being with their people.  They also make good pets since they’re well-behaved and intelligent.


King Charles Spaniels

dog, cavalier king charles spaniel, funny
King Charles Spaniel

Animal Planet nicknamed this breed “The Love Sponge” due to the inclination to want to cuddle.  These Spaniels make a great choice for households with children because of their affectionate personality.

One drawback to be aware of, King Charles Spaniels have a predisposition to heart problems.  They also need regular grooming.  So, be aware of these issues before committing to one of these Spaniels.


Labrador Retrievers

labrador retriever, puppy, lab
Labrador Retriever

“Labs” or Labrador Retrievers are fun-loving dogs who enjoy outdoor activities.  Since physical exercise, sunshine and fresh air are also good for those struggling with depression, proper care of these dogs has some depression-fighting aspects built-in.
These dogs are also intelligent, easily trained and very loyal.  They also tend to do things that will make you laugh.



poodle, the poodle, dog

Despite the appearance of this breed’s typical grooming, poodles were originally bred to be European hunting dogs.  As such, they’re smart, easily adaptable and even eager to please.  They do, however, require regular grooming.

Not only are they cute, but they are also smart. Before they were typecast as Girl’s dog, Poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs of Northern Europe. They are smart, eager to please, and can adapt well to their surroundings.  Poodles also tend to live longer than comparable breeds so if you have a poodle they should be around for many years.


dog, viszla, close up

This breed is generally not as well known as the other breeds on this list.  Like Poodles, Viszlas were originally bred to be hunting dogs, so daily exercise is a must for these guys.  Like Labs, this implies that proper care will include outdoor exercise which gives Viszla owners permission to exercise together with their dogs.

Animal Planet nicknamed Vislas “Velcro Dogs” because this breed wants to be by their owners constantly. They also don’t smell like dogs so owners shouldn’t have an issue with their scent.  These dogs are not known for having major health issues.  So if you can find a Viszla, you should be able to keep them around for a long time.

These dogs are good breeds for helping to alleviate depression, but many of those listed here tend to be on the large side.  If you’re looking for smaller breeds, check out these dogs which may be easier to raise, especially if depression isn’t a concern.

Source: Ernest Beiler


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