Jack Russell Terrier puppy
Jack Russell Terrier puppy

Raising a small dog has a lot of advantages. They are cute and convenient. And quite portable, too. Here are eight of our fave small dog breeds.

1. Skye Terrier

This dependable dog loves hanging out with humans. What they don’t like is hanging out with cats. So if you are a cat owner taking home a Skye Terrier might not be the best idea. Otherwise, this outdoorsy canine is a great choice.

2. Pekingese

This dog breed are great watchdogs. Their ferocity is quite unexpected for such a cute canine. If you are in need of a loyal companion that will look after you and your property, the Pekingese won’t disappoint. Just be ready for regular grooming because such is required by this canine’s double-layer coat.

3. Dachshund

The Dachshund was originally bred to hunt vermin. Until now they still carry their curious and adventurous characteristic. This dog is quite loyal to its family but can turn a bit aggressive in the presence of strange humans, specifically children. If you want an able but portable hunting dog, this should be your breed of choice.

4. Bichon Frisé

If your household shelters multiple animals and children, the friendly Bichon Frise is a smart option.This dog breed can be trained easily and is rather active. Its fluffy fur does not hurt either.


Puppy being held
Puppy being held

5. Shih Tzu

This dog requires grooming on a daily basis despite the fact that it does not shed. The Shih Tzu is known for their congeniality. It’s quite apt for allergy-prone dog parents.

6. Maltese

This is another dog breed that suits dog lovers plagued with all kinds of allergies. This is because the Maltese sheds minimally. This companion canine does not like being left on their own, and is friendly to both humans and other pets.

7. Jack Russell Terrier

This active dog is not quite apt for dog parents who want their canine to just lounge and be pampered like a princess all day. Expect for the Jack Russell Terrier to hop on and off your furniture pieces and happily chase imaginary preys all around your house. Through adequate training however, this dog’s energy level can be taken down a notch.

8. Boston Terrier

This canine breed is popular among families with kids. It’s friendliness is unmatched and it is known to be utterly loyal to its humans.  Also, remember to provide your Boston Terrier with a variety of chew toys to get them preoccupied when they feel the need to munch on something.

There are a lot of small dog breeds out there waiting for you to take them home. Each of them has their unique appearance and temperament. Whatever kind of lifestyle you lead, surely you will find a small dog that will suit your exact needs and preferences. The eight canine breeds included in this list are just some of the most popular and favored by avid dog lovers.

In the end the choice is yours to make.




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