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When soldiers get deployed to other countries, forming friendships with locals is a strong possibility. These soldiers from the Alpha Company 1/121 Battalion, who were sent to Afghanistan, developed an unlikely friendship with a dog. They eventually named the pooch Bear.

Their friendship with Bear started when the dog wandered to their camp. From there, the soldiers immediately fell in love with the pooch since the dog is so sweet. They then trained the pooch basic military commands for dogs. Good thing, Bear is highly-trainable and can easily understand commands.

But just any other deployments, the soldiers needed to go back to their home country in Georgia as their mission comes to a close. Their commander told the soldiers that they are going home in seven months. This means they have enough time to work on Bear’s possibility of joining them in the United States.

The soldiers first tapped Nowzad, an organization that helps soldiers in their need. The group is a non-profit organization, and it makes sure that all the needs of soldiers are met. After they applied, the soldiers were told that Bear should undergo specific standard operation procedures (SOP).

The SOP includes vaccinating the pooch and undergoing quarantine to make sure that the pooch does not pose harm to other humans. These procedures, though, require a hefty amount of money. But Bear’s friends did not mind, and they promised the pooch that they would do everything to raise enough funds.

Chris Bailey, one of the soldiers who want to have Bear lifted to the US, said the dog’s presence gives the soldiers joy. This is the reason why his fellow soldiers are doing everything to make the impossible possible. For the soldiers, while $15,000 is an immense amount to cull, they are more than willing to do it for their beloved and loyal friend.

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