Having a new addition to your family is something that doesn’t happen very often. When it does, we should commemorate the occasion with something that can make this moment more personal and memorable for everyone. When Jake Terry and Kennedy Sartwell adopted their puppy Raven, they decided that a simple heads up and a few hundred posts of their photos in social media won’t be a special enough introduction of their pup to their families and friends. Instead, the couple made it a point to announce becoming new paw-parents through their version of a baby’s gender reveal.

Fur-baby reveal photoshoot

Usually, when people adopt a dog, they just announce it through simply telling other people or by posting adorable doggie pics or selfies with them to let everyone know. But Jake and Kennedy wanted to introduce their black Labrador/German Shepherd mix puppy they named Raven more along the lines of a baby announcement. So, they set up a photoshoot to reveal their new furbaby’s gender – then reveal the puppy. They enlisted the help of the best professional photographer they knew – Kennedy’s mom Cristy.

Fun on set

Like most gender reveal shoots, the images started with Jake and Kennedy posing with a box that kept the balloons colored to match the pup’s gender. The picture after that was of the couple opening up the box and pink balloons come floating up. However, instead of the box just containing the balloons, it hid Raven as well!

The next series of shots were all about the puppy Raven. The adorable pictures showcased how cute and charming the little doggie is. She rocked that photoshoot as if she had been modeling all her life – and the results were just the sweetest!

The originality of their idea and the heartfelt happiness that the family of three showed through the images made them viral on social media. Their post on Facebook was shared by almost a hundred and sixty thousand times! For Jake and Kennedy, the shoot wasn’t for the hype it created, but their wish to show how thankful and happy they are to have the pup in their lives.

Check out their photos in this video:

Source: Youtube | Inside Edition


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