Cat and Dog
Cat and Dog

Pet rescue organizations provide a fantastic way to obtain your next family pet. These groups are all different, but have common goals. The groups strive to locate a “forever home” for unwanted or lost dogs and cats. Most rescue groups rely on volunteers and contributions to look after these animals while they are in between homes.

These groups often handle a variety of pets including kittens, pups, and even older animals which are offered for adoption. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that some groups also have exotic animals such as reptiles, pot bellied pigs, guinea pigs and more.

Hard Lives – Sad Stories

Cat and Dog

As you begin checking out family pets available with rescue groups, bear in mind that some of these pets have had extremely tough lives. You may discover a canine that was abused by its owner. You might locate a feline that has just given birth. Their previous owners may have given up on these pets because they are relocating or can no longer afford to take care of them.

Some of these groups take on pets from kill shelters or strays found on the streets. Some programs also provide spay and neuter services for feral cats.


Puppy with Veterinarian
Puppy with Veterinarian

Rescue teams typically do an excellent job of screening pets before adopting them out to new residences. They also screen potential owners. If you discover a pet dog offered via a pet rescue team, you will be asked to sign an agreement saying that you will take care of the family pet long term. You will also be asked a number of questions regarding your home, your children and other pets you may have. This is not to be nosey — it’s merely to help match owners with the appropriate animal.

If the pet is dealing with a medical problem, such as diabetes, the new owners should understand this in advance prior to taking the animal in. Having the animal’s health and wellness history at the time of fostering helps the animal locate a permanent home.

You can get a lot of satisfaction by adopting your next animal via a pet rescue organization. You will know you have done something to help as well as your new pet will appreciate your kindness.

Finding Rescue Pets

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White Kitten and Puppy

If you have an interest in adopting through a local rescue organization, it’s pretty easy to find one in your area. Your vet can give you the details for organizations near you. Sometimes pet rescue teams will even bring pets needing homes to you. Pet shops and other public places are locations targeted where prospective owners can see and meet the pets.

A lot of the time, these family pets are maintained in foster homes until they are taken in. This offers the animal time to be socialized with other pets and children as well as time to get used to staying in a home.

What to Expect

When you choose a pet in a rescue program, be prepared to undergo an application process involving an interview. The organization needs to know these animals will be well looked after for the long-term. You will possibly be asked about various other pets you may have, the age of your kids, and the size of your yard. This is to help match each pet with the right owner.

Fostering costs differ by each organization, yet you can anticipate to pay $100-$200 for a rescued animal. These groups do not make a profit. The charges cover the cost of the pet while it remained in the care of the group. This adoption cost normally covers inoculations, medical exams, and spaying/neutering.

A Good Deed!

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Sleeping Dog and Cat

Getting your following animal through an animal rescue organization is an great way to obtain your next member of the family. You can also discover some excellent volunteer opportunities through these groups. In any case, if you decide to adopt, your life will be changed!

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