There are a lot of things that you can give as a gift to mark this Valentine’s day. You can get a bouquet of roses from your partner or some food to take home to treat yourself to an indulging day at home. However, Coors Light is encouraging others to steer away from the usual Valentine’s presents and get one that is furry, loving, and cuddly instead. The beer company has just launched their campaign about spending this heart’s day by adopting a dog to hang out with as you enjoy a cold Coors.

Spreading the love

The Coors Light Beer company has a mission to help rescue dogs for this love month. They have just released their new ad campaign that encourages people to spend their Valentine’s not buying the usual teddy bears and chocolates – but by giving a rescue dog their forever homes. With most of the millennial generation opting to stay at home for heart’s day, the company aims to inspire them to get into the loving mood by opening up their hearts to a pooch in need of a home.

According to a tally made by the ASPCA, there are more than six million animals that get rescued and brought to shelters every year. Of that number, roughly three million cats and dogs are euthanized even if they are still healthy.

A gift for adopting

Along with their campaign, Coors Light has also announced that they will give a hundred dollars to the first thousand people who decide to adopt a dog for Valentine’s. This will go on from February 4 to 21 in most states. All you will have to do is to send a text message to the beer company of your adoption receipt to be eligible for the money. The company will give this cash to cover the adoption fees to help make your love month even sweeter.

Check out the new Coors Light Ad here:

Source: Youtube | Coors Light


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