A few weeks after birth, Emerson and his siblings started living in a shelter. NFR Maine, a foster-based rescue, picked them up from the dog house a few days later. As if that experience wasn’t hard enough, Emerson started having seizures soon after. The veterinarians checked him, and they couldn’t find the cause.

To make things worse, Emerson contracted canine parvovirus or CPV. Parvo can spread from one dog to another quickly as it is highly contagious. Dogs that didn’t receive vaccination have a higher risk of getting infected. Younger puppies four months old or less are at risk too.

Later, NFR Maine discovered that Emerson is deaf. They don’t know whether it happened after he had parvo or was born that way. Despite lacking hearing, he remained a high-spirited and happy puppy.

Since then, Emerson’s siblings moved into their new families. Unfortunately for the little pup, his disability made it harder for him to get chosen. So, while waiting for his forever home, he stays in a foster home. Lindsay Powers, his foster mom, posted about Emerson on her Facebook account in hopes of helping him get adopted.

A few weeks later, NFR Maine received an application from Nick Abbott of Maine. His request caught their attention and touched their hearts. Because like Emerson, Nick is also deaf. It wasn’t the dog’s disability that prompted him to apply for adoption. Instead, upon seeing the pup’s picture, he felt that they would have a good connection.

When Emerson and Nick met, they hit it off from the start. They did have a special connection. Soon after, the deaf pup moved to his forever home. Since then, the two were inseparable. Nick teaches him sign language to come, sit, and lay down. Emerson proved himself to be a fast learner. When Nick touches his earlobe, Emerson will bark.

Richelle Abbott, Nick’s mother, said that the two belong together. Emerson finds a way to lean against Nick whenever he’s nearby. They understood each other at a level that doesn’t need a sound.

Source: Good Morning America


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