Dogs are precious. Most people would do anything to save a dog’s life or help a dog who is in trouble. This is what happened in Almaty, Kazakhstan when a dog found himself struggling to keep himself from drowning. A woman on the other side of the bank caught the entire incident on video.

People visiting the Sayran reservoir spotted a pup trapped in the rushing waters. The dog ventured too close to the railing and fell into the reservoir. The dog stood in the midst of the strong current, barely moving.

It was obvious that he was trying his best to fight the current. He was also slowly inching closer and closer to a deeper part of the reservoir, where the rushing waters were stronger. The poor dog couldn’t do anything to get out. He was trapped.

Suddenly, one brave man slid down the side of the reservoir so he could get to the dog. He walked slowly toward the pup, and even though the water was just below his knees, it was evident that it was very strong. He took every step carefully, yet he also knew he needed to reach the dog as quickly as he could.

When he was a few steps away, he got hold of the pup and guided him back to the side of the reservoir where there was a narrow area that they could walk on. They made it out of the water—but how would they get back up?

Three men from the top started to form a human chain to reach them. However, no matter how many attempts they made, they couldn’t do it because the chain was short. They were running out of options when, seemingly out of nowhere, a man came running to the railing and volunteered to be at the top of the human chain.

Now that the chain was longer, they were able to reach the man below, who held on to the dog as he was being pulled up. In just seconds, they were all up on the railing, safe and away from danger.

The five men’s incredible rescue of the little pooch continues to melt people’s hearts until today.

A dog in raging waters

A dog is inches away from being swept away in raging waters – then a group of strangers do the unbelievable… ❤️🙏ViralHog

Posted by The Animal Bible on Monday, March 11, 2019

Source: The Animal Bible via Facebook


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