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How we worship comes in a variety of forms and ways. There are those who do praises by sharing the Lord’s messages to other people. There are also those who do praises by doing good to other people. There are also those who spend time praying. And then there are also those who praise by singing songs.

In this video, you would see people singing devotional songs while they are in a Pune Temple. And what is interesting is that there is a dog who seems to be joining them and singing with the people in praise and in worship. Now that is something unique.

We have known dogs singing to tunes and the like. But we have not seen dogs singing in worship. Until this one came along.

The video was recorded and shared by Sushma Date who is from Pune, a city in India. She saw the dog joining in the singing and she thought that it was quite unusual for a puppy to do such. That is why she decided to get her phone out and capture the incredible moment.

She also wanted to share this moment to the rest of the people in the world and so she uploaded it on social media. She did not expect that such a lot of people would be watching this.

It seems like the dog is a normal visitor to that temple in Pune, India. Whenever there is worship, the dog would be there to sing with the people. There is worship every Thursday and this dog is there regularly.

Being there on a regular basis has surely made the dog know what is happening and maybe even learn the songs. That is why he seems to be singing along with the people. I am not sure though if he understands what he is doing. But as long as he likes it, that’s fine with me.

Source: sushma_date


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