Look at these pups in the video. I’m not too sure if these are planned, out of training, or just dogs being funny by themselves, but their tricks are mind-blowing. I also can’t figure out if these pups are super lazy or just bummed that they are making so much fun of themselves by chasing their tails or pushing themselves across the carpet. Whatever they do, they can really make your day!

Dogs being dogs

Watch the video below and see how funny dogs can be with their simple but totally attention-catching tricks. They are just amusing in whatever they do. Even that one puppy in the video that is so noisy, which to me, looks like nagging his pet parent is so adorable to watch. If that is not a dog, that is probably irritating.

Once in a dog’s life

There are so many reasons why we get a dog for ourselves. It may be for companionship, security, safety, or bigger purposes like occupation or service. There is one thing common that we all love with dogs, and that is their loyalty and the innocent fun they could bring in our lives. Dogs don’t need to be trained to entertain people. Just being there looking cute and naughty is enough to make us feel better. The fun continues when it starts to do tricks.

Definitely, having at least one dog at home has become a way of life for most of us. Some do it for the need of it, some for fashion, and others, for the fun they look forward to with these furry cuties. Whatever reasons we have, the video above reminds us that dogs are inborn clowns. They surely add to the excitement and happiness of our lives on a daily basis.

Tiger Productions via Youtube


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