Thinking Pitbull
Thinking dog

Even though dogs can be very expressive, don’t you wish they could tell you what they were thinking?  We do our best to guess, but do we really know?  Well here at DogsDigital we spared no expense in determining what your dog is really thinking! Here are some thoughts dogs wish you knew about them…

Thought #1: Please don’t overfeed me.

I know.  It looks cute when we beg and we really like treats, but feeding us too much isn’t good for us.  It’s OK to say “No”.  We’ll still love you.  At least, I will!

Turns out too many of us canines are overweight.  If we’re overweight, that can lead to health problems like arthritis, cancer, heart disease and other  issues.  Maybe instead of feeding me more, engage me in a game of fetch or take me with you on a hike.

If you’re not sure how much to feed me check with my vet.  When we’re at different stages of life we have different nutritional needs.  Oh and feel free to go to the vet without me.  🙂

Thought #2: Old dogs need exercise too.

I know.  I  don’t run around as fast as I used to.  But I still like going outside, especially with you.  I like just going for a walk around the block.  So many smells to smell!  Squirrels and birds!  Maybe I’ll even meet a new friend.  It’s always an adventure even if we aren’t gone that long.  Oh yeah.  Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag. Heh Heh.

Thought #3: Just because I’ve got a big backyard doesn’t mean I’m exercising.

Don’t be fooled.  Just because I have a big yard to run around in doesn’t mean I’m actually running around.  It can be kind of boring when you’re not here and there aren’t any other dogs around.  Sometimes I just like to take a nap. If that’s not good enough for you then come outside with me and play.  Or maybe get me a convenient to raise playmate!

Thought #4: I only ate your <slipper/door/garbage> because I was bored.

rottweiler, puppy, dog
Guilty puppy

Well maybe I was also a little upset because you, the leader of the pack, left me alone.  But it can get pretty boring when you’re not around.  Not a lot to do without a friend.  I can only nap so much and after that it was time for some fun!  Sorry about the mess…

Thought #5: Be consistent.

I love it when we play fetch!  But sometimes you start the game and then you don’t let me play.  Or you promise me a treat and then you don’t give me one.  That’s confusing.  I’m not sure what to think when that happens.  I love it when you tell me something like we’re going for a ride and then we go for a ride!  That’s great.
I think I’m catching on when you tell me something and then that’s what happens!  Say, how about going for a ride!



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