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If one thing is certain among dogs, it would be that they do not fail to recognize their owners even after some time of being away from each other.

There are a lot of instances when a dog’s master needs to be away. Sometimes because of work. It could also be because they need to fly overseas for study.

Amid the long-time of not being together, dogs have this strong sense of remembering their master that even distance will not ever take away from them.

Take for instance this dog whose master had to be assigned to different places because of the nature of her work as a soldier.

The dog owner had been away for months from her dog because she had to train with the United States Army. After her training, she was deployed to another place, which meant she wouldn’t see her dog for quite a while.

Deaf Dog’s Beautiful Reunion

The soldier’s dog, a Golden Retriever and now 13-years-old, patiently waited for her to have her homecoming. Apparently, the long wait is soon to be over.

Buddy, despite her old age, is still keen on recognizing people, especially those who are close to her. While Buddy can no longer stand up brought by her old age, the dog still managed to force herself up when she saw her master.

In video footage, the dog is seen trying her best to show how much she missed the soldier. The soldier, in return, took the time to appreciate the gesture and returned the love of her beloved pooch.

The female soldier, later on, said that she appreciates her dog that despite the long time they were not together, the pooch’s love towards her never wavered nor changed.

For her, it was the best gift upon returning home from serving the country.

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Credits to ABC News. 


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