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If you want a faithful companion that will stay with you until the end or would exchange his life to save you, then what you probably need is a dog. Dogs are the most loyal of all creatures. It will not hesitate to protect you even at the expense of its life.

Stories of dogs protecting their owners are abundant in every corner of the world. It is a dog’s instinct to be protective of what they believe belongs to them including their owners.

In a Facebook video post by Daily Viral Stories, a compilation of videos showing heroic dogs saving their owners has garnered 353 million views, 4.8 million reactions, 190,000 comments, and more than 4.9 million shares.

In the video, it’s evident that regardless of the dog’s breed, size and color, they all have a universal instinct to sense danger and immediately rescue their owner from the imminent threat. The video compilation showed how dogs could be very loyal to you even if you are pretending to be hurt.

The video starts with dogs protecting their owners from being hit with a solid stick or a fly swatter. The dogs tried to defend their humans by barking ferociously towards the pretend abuser.

In one video frame, a small Shi Tzu dog sensed that his owner was drowning in the swimming pool. He barked frantically perhaps trying to alert others about the situation. In no time, the dog jumped into the water and swam towards his owner. This situation is also real for a black Labrador who jumped into the lake to save his owner who was bathing in it.

It is no surprise that dogs act quickly in response to their instincts. Nature has made dogs that way. It’s for their survival and also for the benefit of humans in general.

Watch the video below and adopt a pooch for your home today!

Good friends

Dogs are the most loyal animals. Do you want a dog? 😲😃😍

Posted by Daily Viral Stories on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Source: Daily Viral Stories via Facebook


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