Every dog parent wants to be their fur ball’s best friend. While not required, it warms the heart to hear your dog declares that you are his most treasured friend – just like the cute pup below. The footage shows the dog pointing and barking out his best friend as his dog parent asks him. Watch the video and let this moment of cuteness melt your heart.

Cuteness overload

Be your dog’s bestfriend

Watching the video will compel you to ask yourself if you are your dog’s best friend. One thing you need to remember, your dog might not understand your question, especially if his training did not involve such things. So, before popping the question, ask yourself first if you trained your dog to answer questions such as the one you are about to ask. Also, ask yourself if you introduced such a word. If you have not, do not fret. You can always add that to his vocabulary through training.

Introducing your dog to different commands or words is not the most difficult thing to do. It is just like in the obedience training sessions. All you have to do is introduce a word and make him follow through action. You can use dog toys or surprises as a reward when your dog follows. Still, the most effective will be the clapper. This allows you to make that well-known clap when your dog gets a command right.

Reward your doggie best friend

Now that your dog knows what best friend means and who his real best friend is, don’t forget to reward him. You can go out with him to play catch and fetch or another nice dog toy just like the ones on the video. Food and quality time with you are still the best rewards you can give your dog, though.

Source: HeyyyBenji Official via Youtube

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