Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

There as so many heroic dog stories that melt people’s hearts. There’s already enough proof about their intelligence, humor, loyalty, and bravery. As long as they exist, people will never run out of their funny and heroic dog stories.

For instance, there’s this golden retriever from Australia who became an abandoned baby koala’s savior. One early morning, Kerry McKinnon, the golden retriever’s pet mom, heard her husband yelling. He said she needed to go out and see something. Apparently, her husband saw the unlikely duo.

Proud dog owner Kerry McKinnon got the shock of her life after discovering the tiny koala joey snuggled up with her five-year-old golden retriever Asha earlier this week.READ MORE:

Posted by The Weekly Times on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kerry said that, at first, she had no idea what her husband was talking about. Then she saw the little koala snuggling on top of her dog. She laughed so hard while her fur baby gave her a confused, hilarious look.

Asha kept looking at his back, checking the baby koala. However, she didn’t try to get it off her, Kerry added. Kerry was proud that her fur baby provided comfort and became someone’s hero.

Kerry concluded that the baby koala must have fallen out of his mother’s pouch. Unsure of what to do, it wandered over to their porch and found its way to the dog’s bed. She said that because Asha’s fur is nice and warm, the baby koala must have decided to snuggle there. Asha kept the baby koala safe and warm.

Posted by People's Daily, China on Thursday, September 27, 2018


If it hadn’t been for Asha, the baby koala would not have made it through the night. The area’s temperature drops to five degrees Celsius overnight. A fox could have also preyed on the baby koala, said Kerry.

When she tried to remove the koala from Asha’s back, it tried to resist, making it hard for them to separate the two. After taking the koala out of the dog’s back, she brought it to a vet for a checkup. Currently, the koala is under a local koala shelter care until it can be put back to the wild.

How Asha took care of the baby koala is a perfect example of dogs’ protective instinct. They don’t only take care of their owners; they can take care of others too.

Credits: The Weekly Times, People’s Daily, China

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